JLL IC300 Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike 2018: A great all-rounder

JLL IC300 Featured


Value for money




Build Quality


Ease of Use



  • Exceptional price
  • Heavy flywheel
  • Sturdy frame
  • Minimal parts to put together


  • Hard saddle
  • Noisier than a belt driven bike
  • Primitive display

The JLL IC300 is a great all-rounder that balances affordability and functionality, giving the high-end exercise bikes a good run for the money.

JLL is an active player in the home gym exercise equipment market. We have previously reviewed their JF100 value model and the IC400 Elite premium model. At an RRP of £219 (often discounted to £150-£170) the JLL IC300 offers more than what you will need for a decent home gym exercise bike. Here’s a quick summary of its features:

JLL IC300 Side View

  • 18KG Flywheel – Suitable for ALL fitness levels
  • Smooth riding experience – Closely replicates road cycling
  • 3 Piece Crank System & Direct Chain Drive System
  • Onboard LCD computer: speed, time, distance, pulse & calories – Heart Rate Sensors
  • built in Ergonomic Comfort Handlebars. Handlebars & Seats
  • 6 Vertical Level Adjustments to Handlebars
  • 130KG Max User Weight

Comparing the JLL IC300 to other expensive models, it certainly seems to pack a punch. Matching that with a low price tag makes it one of the most attractive indoor exercise bike on the market.

Detailed Assembly Guidance

Despite the packaging being over 40kg, you can quite simply put the JLL IC300 together by yourself. If you are not great with IKEA instructions then you are in luck with this as JLL has an easy to follow tutorial video available on their youtube channel.

It’s worth going through the video before opening the packaging as its awkward shape makes it difficult to take out. Obviously, you won’t be able to find the video link without opening the box and going through the instruction menu, so we have embedded the video below for you. The video will guide you through the best way to remove JLL IC300’s content from the packaging, then an overview of what is included, and ultimately how to assemble the bike.

Again, like most exercise bikes, the saddle isn’t the most comfortable to begin with. You should consider getting the Zacro ZBS2 for improved comfort.

18kg Heavy Flywheel and Vast Adjustment Levels

With the JLL IC300, you are getting an 18kg flywheel and a 3 piece crank system to make the pedals sturdy and reliable. The 18kg flywheel adds a decent amount of weight, which helps improve cycling momentum whilst in use. In addition, you have a great range of adjustment with the JLL IC300. You can adjust the handles in 6 different vertical and 6 horizontal levels, and 10 vertical levels for the seat adjustment. This makes very adaptable for a wide range of users. Users up to 6ft 3 have had no problems with using the JLL IC300.

IC300 overview

Chain Motion Drive System

The JLL IC300 has a chain driven motion as opposed to a belt driven one found in the IC400. A chain driven motion is designed to feel more like riding a regular bike but it does make more noise and need lubrication after a while.

Unlike a regular bike that uses a chain drive motion, you won’t be getting a freewheel with the JLL IC300. This means when you stop cycling, the pedals will carry on spinning rather than stay in place. Do bear this in mind when you are dismounting from the bike, we certainly don’t want the pedals to bash into your legs!

IC300 measurements


The Pros

  • Exceptionally price – You can often find it less than £200 on Amazon
  • Heavy flywheel – Helps with realism and momentum
  • Sturdy frame – Allows you to throw your body into the cycling motion
  • Minimal parts to put together

The Cons

  • Hard saddle
  • Noisier than a belt driven bike
  • Primitive onboard computer

Is the JLL IC300 Indoor Exercise Bike Right for Me?

The JLL IC300 is exceptional value for money. If you are looking for something around the £100 region, you should definitely consider spending the extra quid for the IC300. Although the onboard computer lacks some functionality, its solid frame, heavy flywheel and chain driven motion helps it compete with the high-end exercise bikes.

If you are also looking for a treadmill for your home gym, the JLL S300 would go fantastically with the JLL IC300. Both made by JLL products offer superior value for money, worth investing in.


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