JLL JF600 Pro: The premium upright exercise bike with some modern technology features

JLL JF600 featured image

JLL JF600 Pro


Value for money




Build quality


Ease of Use



  • Electronic magnetic resistence
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Multiple tracking functions


  • Higher price than other upright exercise bikes, but justified
  • Sub-par aesthetics

The JLL JF600 Pro is one of the best upright exercise bikes on the market, offering new technology that helps improve your performances.

The JLL JF600 Pro looks like most modern upright exercise bikes but it has some of the best features you can find on the market. Especially when we compare it to competitors within its price range. Let’s have a look at its key features:

  • Electronic Magnetic Resistance – This allows the JLL JF600 to provide more increments of resistance. Meaning that you can improve as gradually or quickly as you like.
  • Multi-function Monitor – Allows you to track a variety of data including: Time (mins:secs), Distance (km), Speed (km/h), Heart-Rate (ppm), Body Fat (%), Recovery Heart-Rate, RPM, Watts and Calories.
  • 12 Workout Programs – with the ability to input up to four users details and also compatible with the iConsole+ app.
  • Adjustability – Adjustable seat Height and Foot-Straps to Suit Your Riding Position. Seat Height: Maximum Seat Height 108cm. Minimum Seat Height 89cm. Measurement is taken from the floor to the height of the seat. CE & EN957 Standard Safety Compliant.
JLL JF600 magnetic resistence
Electronic magnetic resistance providing more increments of resistance.

JLL are renowned to make quality products, and the JLL JF600 Pro is no exception. Unlike exercise bikes which uses mostly friction to control the difficulty, the JLL JF600 Pro uses magnetic resistence. A magnetic resistance means it’s much quieter when in operation, making it perfect for home use.

As it is electronically controlled, the JLL JF600 Pro will need to be positioned near a power supply unit. The power supply also provides access to the multi-function monitor, providing you infor with time, distance, speed, heart rate and other metrics.

Adjustable seat design

The JLL JF600 Pro has an adjustable seat with added seat padding, pulse sensors on the handle, and soft-grip pedals. It’s always recommended to add extra padding on the seats. you can go with a saddle cover like this FUCNEN gel bike saddle, or replace the seat entirely with this BWBIKE Soft Flexible bike seat. Both are good options.

JLL JF600 Pro dimensions

The iConsole+ app

Along with the exercise bike, you can download the iConsole+ app and sync the device to it. The app intself is third party, meaning it’s not provided by JLL. It works well, but there’s not much on there which the device itself can’t already provide to you. If anything, the JLL JF600’s onboard computer provides better information than the app.

iConsole+ features from the appstore


  • Electronic magnetic resistence
  • Extremely quiet motor
  • Multiple tracking functions


  • Higher price than other upright exercise bikes
  • Sub-par aesthetics

Is the JLL JF600 Pro The Right Exercise Bike For Me?

The JLL JF600 is one of the best bikes you can buy. The higher price point may push some people off, but its features sell itself.

If money is tight and you haven’t got £400 to spend on an exercise bike, then a good alternative is the JLL JF100. A much lower price point, but it doesn’t offer the same quality of experience.


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