The Viavito Onyx Folding Indoor Exercise Bike Review: A space efficient option with an affordable price tag

Viavito Onyx

Viavito Onyx Folding Indoor Exercise Bike


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If you’re looking for a light but durable bike that will give you a solid workout, the Viavita Onyx folding indoor exercise bike is an affordable option.

It’s unusual to see new brands breaking into the oversaturated home gym market, but Viavito have done exactly this thanks to the wealth of knowledge its creators have about the industry. So how does it compare to the well-established heavyweights? With a sleek black frame and a useful LCD console, Viavito have packed in the following features:

  • 2kg cast iron flywheel
  • 8 levels of manually-controlled resistance
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Lightweight 13.9kg frame

Viavito Onyx folded

Assembling the Viavito Onyx is incredibly easy, and should take no more than ten minutes to do so. It’s when putting the pieces together does the quality of the bike become apparent – the parts fit together perfectly, and there’s no denying the luxurious feel of this indoor exercise bike. It’s definitely also pleasing on the eye: the black frame looks clean and minimalistic, with the striking red accents adding just a subtle pop of colour.

So it’s confirmed that it looks and feels good, but how does it fare with a workout? One of the main complaints that lightweight indoor exercise bikes receive is that they ‘wobble’ during an intense session. The Viavito Onyx have combated this issue with a little attention to detail: the caps on the end of the frames are actually levelers – you can adjust them to ensure that the bike stays steady on uneven flooring or carpet. Pedaling feels very smooth thanks to the friction-free flywheel, and it doesn’t make that clunky noise that many fold-up bikes do. The padded seat is also pretty comfortable, which is again, an unusual feature of a folding bike.

The resistance is controlled by a simple dial twist just below the console and offers 8 levels. With a pretty light flywheel, fitness fanatics who are used to high-intensity resistance workouts may find even the top level of resistance a little too easy. But if you’re a beginner or are focusing more on cardio, this definitely wouldn’t be an issue.

The LCD console is another feature that sets the Viavito Onyx apart from most folding bikes. It displays all of the stats that a gym-based piece of equipment would – calories burned, heart rate, time, speed and distance.

The Pros

  • Easily to store thanks to lightweight folding frame
  • Smooth and silent flywheel
  • Stylish looks

The Cons

  • Only takes a maximum weight of 100 kg
  • A light flywheel isn’t good for advanced workouts

Is the Viavito Onyx folding indoor exercise bike right for me?

With an affordable price tag and a stunning design, this bike is a new but solid contender in the folding indoor exercise bike industry. Beginners will benefit from it, however, the light weight flywheel may be slightly restricting for advanced people. Those who are serious about cycling may want to consider the CrystalTec Premium Indoor Exercise Bike, which has a weightier flywheel.




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