XS Sports Aerobic Exercise Bike: A Compact Option for Fitness Fanatics

XS Sports Aerobic Exercise Bike

XS Sports Aerobic Exercise Bike


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If you’re looking for a challenging workout in a limited space, the XS Sports Aerobic exercise bike is a high-tech option at an affordable price.

XS Sports are renowned for offering gym-quality equipment for your home, and the Aerobic indoor exercise bike is definitely no exception. Boasting premium features such as pulse sensors and elbow rests, the brand has also managed to squeeze the following into a small and sleek design:

  • 15kg steel flywheel
  • Fully adjustable seat, handlebar and pedals
  • LCD screen displaying time, distance, pulse rate and calories burned
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Wheels for easy movement

XS Sports Aerobic Exercise Bike 3

The XS Sport Aerobic is very much suited to someone who doesn’t have a lot of space but loves to maximise their workout. What really sets this bike apart is the heavy 15kg flywheel – almost double the weight of many of its competitors – meaning you can really push yourself in the comfort of your own home. Weighing in at 30kg gives it that sturdy feel that a lot of home exercise equipment lacks. The pulse sensors and fully adjustable resistance make this bike perfect for HIIT, hill climbs and strength training, and the LCD screen allows you to track your stats as you go along, giving you full control over your workout.

In terms of aesthetic, the XS Sport Aerobic bike is far from an eyesore. With a luxurious black frame and red accents, it has an athletic feel without being too gaudy. Many customers report that it’s easy to assemble, however there has been several complaints that the ‘deeply padded’ seat isn’t as comfortable as XS Sport like to suggest.

XS Sports Aerobic Exercise Bike 2

Another reason why this bike is a head above its competitors is in its detail. Not only does it have a built-in water bottle holder, it also comes with a sleek aluminium water bottle itself. An emergency stop lever is also situated in a very accessible place, and definitely adds to the feel of professionalism within the XS Sport Aerobic.

The Pros

  • Heavy flywheel allows you to adapt workout to your fitness level
  • Elbow rests are perfect to get into the ‘racing’ position
  • Pulse sensors and LCD screen help you to monitor your stats

The Cons

  • The seat isn’t as comfortable as it could be
  • Perhaps a little overwhelming for a beginner

Is the XS Sport Aerobic Indoor Exercise Bike Right for Me?

If you’re a fitness obsessive or even at a professional level, then this bike definitely ticks all of the boxes for a thorough home workout. Beginners may feel a little overwhelmed by the technical features, and could perhaps benefit from a less expensive bike that still caters to their needs.


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